Travel Hacks that will make traveling easier
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6 Travel Hacks That Will Make Traveling Easier

The passion for traveling has never waned, and it will always be one of the most popular hobbies among all. We all look forward to that long-awaited moment when we get to travel and visit new places. Of course, we want our trip to go smoothly. To get a better grasp on travel, learn here six travel hacks that will make traveling easier.

With these travel hacks on your side, you can have a much smoother and more comfortable trip. And the best thing of all is that the more travel you do and the more travel hacks you use, the faster and easier everything will turn out in the end.

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The best travel hacks for flying and packing

1. Pick a window or aisle seat when traveling by air 

This travel hack is particularly useful if you are traveling with someone else. Choose your seats in the same row, along the aisle and by the window when you choose your seats. Generally speaking, the two seats next to each other are the most popular, but the middle seat is unlikely to be chosen by most people. People traveling alone tend to avoid the middle seat. 

So if you choose the window or the aisle seat, it may happen that at the end no one has chosen it. Thus there will be a whole row for you and your traveling companion. Of course, if someone arrives at the middle position, you can offer the possibility to change. After all, most people will have no problem and will be able to switch since the aisle or window is usually preferred.

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2. Make sure you have extra 3 oz refill jars 

Have you ever been surprised to find that on packing day you could not locate 3 oz jars? The little jars seem so much a part of our packing routine that we often forget about them. If you see them in a store several months before your trip, take the chance to buy them. 

Even if it is too early to do so, these little jars are always something you need for packing light and it is nice to have them always available when you need them. During Corona, it is effective to carry a small splash jar filled with alcohol to disinfect some items that are necessary during the trip. 

On the other hand, the jars of shampoo or cream that you already have can also be used to package whatever you need as well. So before you throw those away, think twice. They might come in handy someday.

 3 oz refill travel jars

3. Over the luggage weight limit? We have the solution for you

Whenever you have extra luggage and don’t want to pay extra, it may be best to bring a shopping bag or restaurant bag. In this bag, you can put extra items that you don’t necessarily want to leave at home. A great way to use this bag is especially with items that take up little space but happen to be heavy. Therefore, your suitcase will be lighter, you won’t have to pay extra, and you will still be able to take your travel essentials with you. 

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4. The pillowcase and its many uses

Even though it sounds crazy, packing a pillowcase has countless uses. Moreover, they do not weigh much, so they can be folded and stored anywhere.

While packing, you can use this pillowcase to place loose clothes you don’t know where to place in your suitcase. Then you put this case into the suitcase, it will be much more compact.

Additionally, If you find yourselves in a situation where you need to wait at the airport, or when you forget your travel pillow, you can use this pillowcase with clothes in place of the right sleeping pillow.

When traveling, you can also use the pillowcase to sort your clothes into clean and dirty ones. This way, your clothes will not go into a mess and you’ll keep your dirty ones separate. 

Also, this will be of great assistance concerning your return from your trip. Unpacking is one of the few annoying aspects of traveling. But you don’t need to worry – everything in this pillowcase can go directly into the washing machine after you return from your vacation. Then you’ll save time and save the stress that comes with unpacking and sorting. 

Furthermore, you may also utilize these pillowcases to keep delicate clothing or bags. Also, if you don’t have a plastic bag to carry with you, you may use your pillowcase as a bag. Eventually, you will also be able to use it as a mini pillow for the kids on a road trip. 

In the end, you will find a lot of uses for this lightweight, yet an incredibly portable tool for your trip.

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Travel hacks to save money

5. Use the points you receive from your bookings to buy gift cards

If you book your travel through a website that gives you points for each purchase, you will always have the advantage of saving on your future travel needs.

As well, you can use these points not only to save on your bookings but for other items in your daily life.  TheTavelSecret, for example, gives you the option to redeem your points for Gift Cards to be used in regular stores when you shop.

You should also consider joining a mileage program so that when you buy flights, you receive reward points on your travel site and miles with your airline’s partner program.

One person gives another person a gift card

6. Reserve your accommodations at the lowest price guaranteed

It’s possible to find the best prices on hotel accommodations only by using TheTavelSecret. 

Several travel sites on the internet follow a parity rule that prohibits them from offering a hotel for a rate below a parity rate. However, TheTavelSecret, due to its status as a private travel site, can publish rates below this rate. Not only will you be able to get the best deal on hotels, but also on activities, car rentals, hotels and much more.

Get access to this webinar free of charge to find out exactly how we discovered this travel hack that can save you as much as 70% on your accommodations. 

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