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5 of the Best Cities to visit right now in The U.S.

The second-largest country in America with 50 states has many beautiful places to visit at least once in a lifetime. This time we decided to rely on the reservations made by several of our users. Here we bring you 5 of the Best Cities to visit right now in The U.S. where our travelers have saved up to 70% off by booking at TheTravelSecret site.

the flag of the united states. 5 of the Best Cities to visit right now in The U.S.

1. Las Vegas

Without a doubt, Nevada’s largest city is one of the most popular destinations for our community. This city goes beyond nightlife and casinos, there is plenty of entertainment and fun here. 

In this city, you can find a roller coaster called The Big Apple Coaster, incredible shows like “BAZ” that interpret famous stories like Romeo and Juliet, and even shopping in premium outlets.

the roller coaster called The Big Apple Coaster in Las Vegas

Walking along the Strip, a street full of lights, hotels, casinos is an unforgettable experience.

You will also find replicas and constructions that will transport you to other places in the world, such as the replica of the canals of Venice.

And if you are a hotel lover, let me tell you that 17 of the largest hotels in the world are located in this amazing city. Various users have had the luxury of staying at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Normally this hotel costs more than $2000, but our users have paid for a full week only $657. There are no tricks, just by booking through TheTravelSecret Membership, the travelers have saved 70% off on 5-star hotels in Las Vegas.

Hotel deal Las Vegas

2. Dallas

The headquarters of the U.S. Army and Air Force are not far behind either. This city has many places to discover but if you are a sports lover, this is the right place.

Dallas is home to major sports leagues such as the Dallas Mavericks, The Texas Rangers, and the Dallas Cowboys. Attending a game of these leagues will be something not to be forgotten.

But this city has much more to offer: parks with many green areas, The Reunion Tower with beautiful views of the city thanks to its 557 ft high and more than 160 museums.

Dallas city

The Red Museum is famous for its dedication to the cultural, economic, and political history of Dallas County and the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza has exhibits that tell the story of President John F. Kennedy who died while visiting this same city. 

Due to the variety of tourist attractions in this city, it is important to be well located. Today we recommend a hotel that has been booked in the past by our users located a few blocks from the Majestic Theater, The Renaissance Tower, and the Museum of Art. It also has a bar/lounge, perfect for some drinks at night.

cheap hotel room in Dallas

3. Chicago

A city with activities for all tastes. The Cloud Gate, a public sculpture to be photographed in a fun way, The Art Institute of Chicago with pieces by famous artists like Monet and van Gogh, and The Willis Tower, which was in the past the tallest tower in North America.

The Cloud Gate in Chicago

And if you are a pizza lover, you cannot leave this city without trying the Deep Dish Pizza, made in a thicker crispier bread, full of tomato sauce and cheese. There are several styles but without a doubt, you have to try them once in a lifetime.

To see Chicago from another perspective, a boat tour is highly recommended, as you will be able to see the city a lot from different places and with its immense buildings. 

This city is very popular among travelers also because there are a variety of great hotels with incredible discounts when you book at TheTavelSecret. For example, The Conrad Chicago, a 4.5-star hotel has been booked previously for $846 (one week for two people).

last minute hotel deal Chicago

4. San Diego

A very popular destination in our community is San Diego. The Porto Vista Hotel is also very sought thanks to The Glass Door serving guests room perfect for enjoying delicious meals and its location close to the port. Our travelers have booked with 41% discount.

cheap hotel deals San Diego

This city is simply magical, starting with Mission Beach, with a two-mile stretch of sand beach full of bars, restaurants, and nightlife and ending with the famous Sea World, an educational park with a variety of marine animals such as sharks, sea lions, dolphins and more.

san diego is one of the 5 Best Cities to visit right now in The U.S.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Just as there is time for fun at Belmont Park, a perfect place to surf or play volleyball, there is also time to attend important national and international events at the Convention Center that overlooks Mission Beach and is surrounded by restaurants and stores. 

No doubt why San Diego is a favorite destination for travelers – it has a fun and business environment perfect for a vacation getaway.

The city of san diego

5. Miami

Last but not least, there is Miami on our list. Many travelers love this destination because the extra money they save on hotel reservations with TheTravelSecret, can be used to go shopping as we like.

But Miami has more to offer. Wynwood Walls, for example, is an open-air street art park with murals by artists from all over the world. Or there’s Key West, which is famous for water sports and historical sites.

Sunset in Miami

Without a doubt, Miami is known for its beaches and resorts. At TheTravelSecret you won’t have to spend time looking at different sites until you find the best price, because we make this comparison and give you the best price for your reservation.

Some people have already saved 54% off in a Miami resort while enjoying facilities in the hotel such as restaurants, ocean views, or the best room service.

discount hotels miami

How does it work?

It’s a real thing, our community has been able to save a lot on their hotel reservations. Here we bring you 5 very desirable cities, but within the travel site, you will find thousands of options from all over the world.

And if you want to start booking your next vacation, and save a lot as many people have done, just click here and we will explain our secret to find the best deals on your trips.

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