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Best Travel Packing Tips

That moment you take your suitcase out and start deciding what to take is exciting because you’re preparing to go, but also stressful because you must decide how/what to pack. Take advantage of our travel packing tips, and packing will become a faster, easier, and simpler process!

It is important to know how to pack

Have you ever packed items you never wore or used while on a trip?

Have you ever had the problem of packing your things a certain way, only to re-pack and discover that things that fit previously no longer do?

Packing for your vacation may seem like a challenge at first because you may not know precisely what you need, what you are likely to use, and what would be the simplest way to pack everything up. However, having some easy packing techniques will make packing easier than you expect.

A woman packing a suitcase with lots of clothes

How to do the packing in your suitcase

The travel checklist

You must be clear on these things before you pack: Where you are headed? What season you will be traveling? The current temperature at your destination, and if the temperature decreases at night.

After you’ve picked what clothes and products you’ll need to take with you, the next important thing is to create a file on your cell phone named “travel list” or have a small notebook where you’ll be writing down those items that are always essential for your trip.

You can write this list two weeks before your trip and every time you happen to remember something important, write it down! Believe me, making a packing list will make packing a lot simpler, and the day you have to do it won’t be such a burden.

A mother with her daughter packing her suitcase

Group by categories 

Before a trip, start assembling what you will take with you. Individually, group the things into categories: summer clothes, sports clothes, shoes, winter clothes, underwear, personal items, makeup, and electronic items.

Travel packing tips for every category

When you have sorted all the items you are going to carry into categories, it is time to begin packing all the items in an organized way.

Start by putting jeans, pants, sweatshirts, or a strong type of clothing on the bottom of the suitcase so it can protect everything that is placed inside. Then start packing each category inside the suitcase without leaving any space. Each space you see leftover can be filled with thin clothing, underwear, or small items.


If you like to have everything ready for your vacation and don’t want to have to worry about what you are wearing every day, you can create your various outfits even before you leave. That way you’ll find it quickly when you need it, and won’t waste any time searching. Afterward, roll up your outfits, so they take up less space and remain wrinkle-free.

An outfit with a pink t-shirt, sunglasses, a pink cosmetician,a  jean and accessories.

Personal items: 

Toiletries: Pack all creams, tonics, shampoos, etc. in 100 ml containers. This way you will save space and weight. Ensure they are full and then pack them in a cosmetic bag.

Makeup: just as with the toiletries, pack everything very well sealed in a cosmetics box and surround this box with jeans or pants to prevent the dust, shadows, etc. from breaking with the strong movements of the suitcases.

Highlight travel packing tip: take a supermarket bag, fold it in neat squares and seal all your toiletries, liquids, or creams with these bags. That way, you would prevent staining your clothes. Then, pack all your toiletries in the middle of the suitcase to protect them from impacts.

An orange cosmetics bottle with Toiletries in 100 ml containers


Place your shoes in separate bags, and then pack them into the corners of your suitcase so you don’t ruin your clothes. This way, you will also protect everything inside.

Highlight travel packing tip: put small or delicate items such as files or waxes inside the socks and these socks inside the shoes. The key is to use every space in the suitcase and not leave anything empty. 

Travel packing tips for shoes

Bags and backpacks

Place the small, flat bags on top of everything else so they protect the clothes in the middle. Inside the big bags, you can place clothes to keep every space used.

Electronic articles 

Put all your tech items such as chargers, batteries, speakers, etc. in an organizer bag you have and place it in the middle of the luggage for protection.

Travel packing tips for electronic articles

Finish packing your suitcase by placing a jacket, a blanket, hard pants, or any clothes of your choice over everything you’ve packed to protect your suitcase from shocks.

If you have pockets or an extra compartment in your suitcase, use them to store your dirty clothes while traveling.

A couple with their bags arriving at the hotel on the beach

Packing your suitcase can be easier than you expect if you have a little planning. Then you will save lots of time, be ready to travel to your great destination, and everything will go smoothly during your trip.

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Best travel packing tips

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