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Book today and travel tomorrow! Top 12 cities to visit in 2021

When will it be possible to travel? Travel now or wait? Postpone the travel reservation or leave it as it is? These are some of the questions that arise with the current situation we are facing.

Although it is not certain when the restrictions will end completely, some people are choosing to start traveling to places where the restrictions are more flexible. What is certain is that more and more countries are opening their borders, and cities that were once the focus of the epidemic are now much more controlled.

Other people prefer to travel in 2021 and the recommendation here is to start booking in 2020 to avoid the uncertainty of no hotel reservations. This may happen because many people will want to travel again to get out of quarantine fatigue and that hotel and flight reservations will book up very quickly.

Whether you want to travel now following all the necessary recommendations of each country, or you want to book your vacation for 2021, here are some great cities to visit next year.

1. Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, a cosmopolitan city and one of the most popular in Latin America. It has been able to preserve its ancient traditions without neglecting its modernity.

If you are a soccer (football as they call it) lover, here you will see what it is like to be a true fan and how the passion for this sport is so important. If you are a food lover, you will enjoy incredible roasts in restaurants that have won awards for being the best in the continent. And if you love fashion, here you can find exclusive garments made by designers at prices more affordable than in other countries.

people walking in downtown buenos aires

2. Cartagena

The fortress city “la Ciudad Amurallada” is a very historical place in Colombia where independence from Spain began. In Cartagena, it is possible to find two faces of a city.

One side is surrounded by walls, colorful streets, traditional restaurants, and stores full of handicrafts, and the other side is a posh part of the city with luxury hotels, silver views, and very entertaining nightlife.

For Colombians, customer service is the #1 priority. You will find hotels with up to 60% discount with sea views, excellent amenities, and great service.

Cartagena, a top citiy to visit in 2021

3. Miami

If you love the beach, shopping, and entertainment, this city is perfect for you.The Miami Beach area has approximately 11 kilometers of white sand beaches with colorful waters that you can enjoy either swimming, surfing, or just sunbathing.

Additionally, Miami has a great variety of shopping malls with great prices even on name-brand items. And of course, this city is known for its unbelievable entertainment at night and its party atmosphere.

 white sand beaches with palm trees in miami. Miami is a good city to vist in 2021

4. San Francisco

San Francisco is very interesting since there is a great variety of art and culture combined with modernism. Crossing the famous Golden Gate Bridge where a variety of movies have been filmed, riding the famous trams, and eating delicious dishes in the old Fisherman’s Wharf make this city a must-visit in 2021.

Golden Gate Bridge during daytime in San Francisco, United States

5. Vancouver

One of the best aspects of Vancouver is nature and incredible landscapes. It is a city that has many natural parks and the fact that it is surrounded by the sea makes the scenery unique. It is a multicultural city, very safe.

Vancouver also has a SkyTrain that is very fast and one of the few in the world that works without a driver.

Landscape in Vancouver Canada, a city to visit in 2021

6. Santorini

One of the most beautiful Greek islands, a desirable climate, and a landscape that looks like a painting, are just some of the reasons why this city is a great destination for 2021. 

Apart from its great atmosphere, there are very traditional and historical places like ruins, churches, and monasteries with a very attractive Greek style. The hotels in this city are dreamy and you can even enjoy sunsets from your room that will leave you breathless

A perfect sunset in Santorini Greece, perfect place to visit in 2021

7. Dubrovnik

Probably the dream of many people is to visit this city that is located inside a fortress and surrounded by the Adric Sea. Walking along the walls is an unforgettable experience and will allow you to take some incredible pictures of the city while appreciating the traditional houses and shops.

There are also bars located by the sea for people who want to swim or sunbathe while enjoying a delicious cocktail or snack.

people enjoying the sun on the beaches of dubrovnik croatia

8. Paris

The Eiffel Tower, the most visited monument in the world with 300 meters high makes this city a must on this list. But Paris has much more to see: the Louvre museum with its incredible Monalisa, the famous Champs-Élysées with its route full of nature and elegance, and the famous cabaret, the Moulin Rouge with its amazing shows.

And although it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, The Travel Secret can help you book a 4-star hotel in the center of the city with up to 63% discount.

the eiffel tower by day in paris
 best hotel deals in paris

9. Dubai

If you want to see an example of transformation, Dubai is undoubtedly the perfect place to perceive it. You can do many activities such as going up to the Burj Khalifa to see the whole city, walking through the Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping center in the world, or even extreme parachute jumping for the more adventurous.

perfect hotel to visit in 2021 in Dubai United Arab Emirates

10. Cairo 

Getting to know the desert is something you should do at least once in your life. The feeling of getting away from the crowds, appreciating the pyramids, the sunsets, and riding a camel will surely be memories that will remain forever in your mind. And if you decide to walk around the center of Cairo you will discover how nice and welcoming the people there are, plus the stories the locals tell about the history of Egypt will be worth it!

A person on a camel while admiring the pyramids of Egypt

11. South Africa

If you have ever dreamed of going on a safari, this is the ideal destination. South Africa has a great variety of wild fauna. You will be able to see in the natural parks and how animals like elephants or lions enjoy their freedom. Knowing about Nelson Mandela, surfing, camping, hiking, and enjoying beautiful beaches are also activities that make this an exotic city to visit in 2021.

Elephants walking freely on an African safari

12. Bangkok

This is the ideal destination if you don’t want to be bored. Bangkok has an infinite number of things to do.

Visiting beautiful temples, sunbathing on beaches with clear water, walking around the city in a tuk-tuk, and practicing yoga and meditation are just some of the options this city offers to its tourists. 

It is important to start booking hotels as soon as possible to avoid complications in 2021. Also, Bangkok has 5-star hotels with up to 68% discount if you are part of TheTravelSecret.

Temples in Bangkok to visit in 2021
 best hotel deals in bangkok

Book today with discounts and travel tomorrow

More and more countries are opening their borders and entry restrictions are becoming more flexible. The fact that some countries have a restriction now does not mean that it will be the same in the coming months. 

If you want to start planning your trip for 2021, save up to 70% off in hotels around the world, and have a concierge team to help you book or change your vacation, we invite you to learn here how you can easily do it!

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