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Cheap flights: 8 Secrets you Should Know

People will likely take those trips this summer and fall that they have been planning to make up for trips missed last year. The result is that flight prices are likely going to increase in the next few months. The solution is to start booking your cheap flights now and take advantage of the deals that so many airlines are currently offering.

1. Book now! Now is a good time to find low fares

The vaccine distribution announcement has caused a lot of people to get more excited about traveling again. After seeing how airlines, as part of their ongoing effort to prevent the spread of the virus, have adopted safety measures, tourist’s confidence is higher.

The airlines are right now offering a lot of cheap flights to increase their capacity. However, it is very likely prices will start to rise in the first half of the year. Either because many people are planning their summer travel or because airlines are using fewer planes than in previous years and will be therefore forced to charge more for seats.

If a bargain fare becomes available, take advantage now! It might only be a matter of months before that fare increases, and you may have missed the chance to save. The good news is that most airlines offer flexibility to change dates.

2. Book in advance

I am aware that you may be hesitant about travel. However, look at how far the travel industry has come concerning the virus in a matter of a year.  Rapid testing is already being done at some airports, the vaccine is in circulation, and many countries are allowing tourists to enter by just showing they have taken the test. 

Moreover, airlines have followed all the health and safety precautions very well to prevent infection in airplanes. On top of that, the airplanes have air filtering systems with an efficiency level of 99,99%.

Booking early is always a good idea. The recommended booking period is between three to six months. So if you plan to go on vacation in summer or autumn, now is the time to save money. Make sure to choose airlines with flexibility.

3. Earn triple points with your purchases

Want to make the most of your reservations? You could earn triple points in three easy ways: 1. With the miles programs through the airlines, 2. With your credit card (if it has a rewards program) and 3. With TheTravelSecret. Using all these points will enable you to save in the future and even earn free activities or flights.

4. Use an incognito browser when you search

Interestingly, there is some debate about incognito pages. Some claim that they work while others say that it is the same as searching on a normal site. I always suggest searching on an incognito site. You don’t lose anything and you can save yourself the shock of seeing the same flight at a much higher price the following day.

5. Book flights late at night

Flight prices are too fluctuating. Prices are indeed dependent on so many factors that sometimes they can change in a matter of minutes. Experts have found that there are a lot of flight offers at night, especially if you shop around for the right flight between 12 to 1 am, as prices may surprise you.

6. Fly at the cheapest time

Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to have the best travel prices. Plus, traveling in the afternoon or evening is often cheaper.

There are times you might want to travel a day earlier than what you had planned if the flight is more affordable. And the best part is that you don’t lose anything when you travel at night. It’s really simple: you will always get a lower price if you book your hotel through TheTravelSecret. This way you not only save on the flight (by traveling at night) but on your accommodations as well.

7. Search for flights in major airports

Many times flying from a major city or airport is cheaper than flying from a smaller airport. Just take a look at airports close to your town. You can either rent a car to drive to the airport or take a flight to this main city and then fly to your main destination. It’s just about doing the math and deciding what is best for you.

However, be careful! Do not forget to be especially attentive as many cities have several airports. 

8. Round trip flights

There is a myth that round-trip tickets are always cheaper when you buy them together. Try searching and you may find that, in many cases, buying them separately can be cheaper. It is possible that one day one airline may have a cheaper price than another.

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