Covid-19 Travels: Should I Book a Trip now?
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Covid-19 Travels: Should I Book a Trip now?

The tourism industry is not ending, instead, it is evolving and offering so many great things to tourists and even better options in the future. So, should I book a trip now?

This may be one question you ask yourself as everyone is trying to escape coronavirus fatigue. But on the other hand, there is also a bit of curiosity about what that first trip after covid-19 will be like.

No reason to be afraid! The travel industry is improving in a major way each day. More creative concepts, more safety, more flexibility, and more confidence is being provided to make your reservations.

Here we will explore how the travel industry is adjusting with COVID-19 and offer perspectives from experts about this topic.

Thanks to the travel industry, which is more prepared than ever, a lot of new and interesting things are coming for travelers.

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New innovative benefits for travelers

Different countries have implemented several approaches to encourage tourism. This mainly benefits us, travelers!

In Japan, for example, the government created a campaign to get the travel industry back up again. Peter Head, Editorial Director from Japanoscope explains how it worked:

“The government created the “GoTo Travel” campaign. Domestic travelers can get up to a 50% discount on their travel costs. The system is designed to spread the love through the industry by giving an initial 35% for travel, and then 15% in vouchers that can be used at shops and restaurants at the destination. Businesses register to take part in the campaign and then advertise customer eligibility with stickers and GoTo Travel branding”.

This campaign was so successful that over 2 million people used it in its first month. “Japan’s experience shows that, given the right motivation, people can be incentivized to travel, even in the midst of a pandemic.” Peter Hear, added.

Fuji mountain in Japan

Traveling in our own country is also a great idea to escape quarantine fatigue. If you still don’t want to travel far abroad, why don’t you instead focus on those places in your country that you’ve always wanted to visit, but for lack of time you couldn’t?

Sometimes the places that can stun you the most are those that are simply around the corner from your backyard.

Along with strategies to increase local tourism as in Japan, there are more countries launching new ventures. Peru, for example, one of the most touristic countries in the world, is not left out.

According to the owner of Cachi Life, Kevin E Groh “In order to drive up tourism to the region, Machu Picchu entrance will be free for the immediate future, whereas, in the past, there was an entrance fee. These freebies will help to increase your word-of-mouth marketing.”

Countries need to encourage more tourism. Imagine how many places in the world will promote discounted rates for tourists as well as free passes to various places that were previously much more expensive, such as Machu Picchu.

That is a good sign for travelers. We have no clue when exactly these benefits will be gone, so as quickly as possible take advantage of them while they last and start arranging your vacation!

Covid-19 Travels: Should I Book a Trip now?

Moreover, technology is not left to the wayside either. There are more and more devices to detect the temperature and symptoms of COVID-19. This would mean that it would be simpler to ensure the security of travelers.

Patriot One Technologies, for example, offers advanced A.I. security/safety from multiple potential threats for resort guests, staff, and partners. Peter Evans, the company’s CEO, explains how it works: 

“The PATSCAN platform Patriot One Technologies is driven by artificial intelligence that has health and safety threat detection modules; specifically thermal elevated body temperature, facial mask, social distancing and contact tracing detections.”

This new technology is being adopted by hotels and will make it easier to detect any sign of a virus. Therefore travelers will feel safer when traveling.

Travel safety during covid-19

Tourism has been transformed, but it is not over.

Although there have indeed been several changes in the tourism industry over this year, that does not mean we won’t travel again. Now more than ever, people want to escape home and travel again. Don’t you think so?

It might be somewhat different, but it will be better in some ways too. Travel companies have been preparing all this time to be able to provide tourists with better proposals and services.

They have used the quarantine time to prepare to accept travelers is what April Maccario, founder at AskApril advises to tourism operators: “With travel restrictions still in place, take advantage of SEO, fixing technical problems on your website, and doing repairs all around. Using this time to prepare for the gradual lifting of travel bans will ensure that you are ready to receive guests.

Therefore, when you return to travel, you will be able to see how many tourism companies have improved their facilities, service, websites, payment facilities, portfolio of activities, the quality of their services, and much more.

Should I Book a Trip or a Hotel now?

On the other hand, traveling safely is one of the most important areas of travel, and the industry is adapting and taking all the necessary measures to make travelers feel safe.

Kylee Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer at The Absolute Dater, said: “I think one way that will help the travel industry bounce back is to identify how the travelers’ travel requirements and preferences have changed so they can find ways to adapt to these changes and to provide these new needs. Doing this will give travelers confidence that they can be able to travel safely.”

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Apart from security, companies are also evolving with very innovative ideas for equality in travel. Travel For All, for example, helps tour operators to offer the right facilities for people with accessibility.

Dale Reardon, the CEO and Co-founder of the company states that “Accessibility is about way more than guide dogs and wheelchairs and doesn’t always involve changing your physical building or spending thousands, just provide way more detailed information about your property/business/service and let people make better-informed decisions.”

This is an incredible idea and shows once again that companies are always doing their best to provide the best possible service to all types of travelers needs.

More confidence for travelers

2020 has helped people realize the importance of booking on a secure website and having ongoing support for travel. Those companies that provide the best service and excellent travel knowledge are the ones that will make users feel confident.

During these lockdown periods, you have also had the chance to wonder why you travel and why it is so important for your mental and physical health to travel.

When you book a trip, whether it is for a get-away close to home or an upcoming international vacation, it will allow you to enjoy your time and look forward to that moment. You will see how much brighter your mood will be after this!

Should I Book a Trip with the Family now?

What will it be like to travel by plane?

Perhaps, you have noticed that the way of traveling by airplane has changed. Nowadays, more safety procedures are used and special requirements are required. Nevertheless, they’ve already become a normal routine so that it’s safer and easier.

The order in rows, being able to do everything digitally and keep more distance in airports, has brought great benefits regarding ease and order.

The COVID-19 has brought a great advantage to this segment based on its flexibility. So says Betsy Ball, Co-Founder, and Partner at Euro Travel Coach:

“Airlines will need to eliminate change fees. Cancellation policies will be redesigned and less imposing. Travel insurance will become more important for travelers to give them the assurances they will need in order to feel safe about their plans.”

Additionally, he states that planes, trains, hotels, and restaurants will be cleaner and safer than ever before. That is a huge advantage in terms of maintaining one’s health. Who doesn’t appreciate clean, safe facilities?

Should I Book a Trip or a Flight now?

What about Hotels?

The hotels have never been better prepared or more committed to ensuring travelers feel safe.

Alex Miller, Founder & CEO of Upgraded Points, who provides expert insights to different top-tier outlets such as Travel & Leisure, Forbes, and the New York Times, shared his thoughts on this topic:

“Hotels and airlines are focused on consumer confidence – how they can appear safe to consumers and companies, and differentiate themselves from the competition in terms of safety. Additionally, they have implemented new, rigorous cleaning standards. In the end, this is about optics – showing which hotel can be the cleanest (or appear to be the cleanest) among the competition.”

This means that hotels, in addition to improving their facilities, are focusing on improving their standards when it comes to safety and cleanliness. Travelers will have a variety of options for booking hotels that meet any safety requirement.

Luckily, finding affordable hotel rooms is becoming easier if you do follow the travel hacks that TheTravelSecret wants to reveal to you. Planning your trip should be effortless, so do not hesitate to take this great leap forward and escape from your comfort zone.

Should I Book a Trip or a Hotel now?

Requirements vary by country

Restrictions in each country are becoming more and more flexible. Some countries, such as Colombia which previously required a covid-19 test for entry, no longer require it. And other countries, such as Mexico, have no air entry requirements.

However, each country has its regulations, and if you follow them carefully you will discover that it is easier than you think. Just make sure you do your research before your visit.

Wayne Brown, the CEO of Aggressor Adventures shared some tips for people who want to start planning their trip:

“Make sure you have reviewed the current entry requirements for that destination. They vary widely from none, like Mexico, to providing a negative PCR test 3 to 10 days prior to arrival. If a negative PCR test is a requirement, search your local testing sites and find out how long they are taking to provide results and that it fits within the allotted time. Some destinations also have online forms or apps that must be completed prior to arrival and it is critical that you have complied with these requirements to make your entry as smooth as before COVID-19.”

It’s not complicated. Every country has its entry protocol and when you are asked to fill out health forms, it’s easier than it sounds. It’s also a great way to keep everything under control and provide more security.

We are adjusting to a new normal, and if you’re curious to know what it’s like to travel after covid-19, why not try it yourself? You’ll see that it’s easier and much safer than it may seem.

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Will the COVID-19 vaccine increase travels?

Recently, there has been news about different vaccines with up to 95% efficacy.

The great advance in the vaccine has resulted in more people looking for travel destinations and booking vacations.

Some places like Bali in Indonesia are very supportive of receiving their tourists back as soon as possible after obtaining the vaccine.

Neill Kramer, Owner of Ohana Retreat Bali expresses the following: “For tourism to return I believe we need proof of a covid-19 vaccine. Then the guest can travel where she wants and would not be subject to quarantines or other restraints. In addition, a vaccinated tourist can visit indoor restaurants and tourist destinations without worrying about getting sick.”

With more than 200 companies developing vaccines with distinct technologies, the vaccine will be more widely available than we expect and travel will be much safer, flexible, and simple.

COVID-19 vaccines

Should I book a trip now?

The answer is yes! 

If the trip has a close date, find out the requirements for each country, and follow the necessary steps.

And if the trip has a far date, remember that the probability is high that a little later there will be more developments of the vaccine and fewer countries will have restrictions. Also, there is more and more flexibility in planning travel.

Travel industry experts all agree that making travel safer is key. So, why don’t you benefit from the extra services companies are happy to provide?

Regardless of whether you decide to book a trip in your own country, on an island, or in another country, do not be afraid to do so. It is vital for your health to look forward to a trip and you’ll see how the travel industry is very well run offering extra privileges.

Take advantage of all the positive things the coronavirus has brought. Book on a secure website with a travel team behind and make sure to save money on your trips. Learn the best travel hacks here

Covid-19 Travels: Should I Book a Trip now?

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