Exciting News for International Travel in 2021
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Exciting News for International Travel!

There are more and more countries implementing new travel guidelines that allow for safer and easier travel. Also, travel experts are predicting that international travel will be possible in the summer. This is great news for those of us who love to travel and cannot wait to get back on the way.

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Vaccines and Testing

Some vaccines are already being distributed, not to mention that several laboratories continue to develop more vaccine options.

However, the fact that we may have to wait to be vaccinated before we can travel should not stand in our way. Other options allow us to travel while we wait to be vaccinated. For example the new apps and the Covid-19 tests.

There are growing numbers of testing sites near airports. Furthermore, rising numbers of countries are implementing the testing either when landing or taking off. 

The tests are much easier than you would think. They last only a few seconds and the results are given after certain hours. What’s good about the tests is that they mean you can travel more safely and avoid quarantine in some countries. Additionally, you’ll be more comfortable knowing that everyone else you’re traveling with is healthy as well.

A nurse performing a covid-19 test

What more can we expect when traveling in 2021?

Last year we started to notice how the travel industry changed quickly in response to the new security measures to provide tourists with a higher level of protection. Now, in 2021, organizations are working together to put measures into place and suggest improvements to allow for frequent, safe travel.

Some countries are rolling out applications where you can fill in your health care data. This way, they will know who is in which region and the health condition of each person. 

There is also the idea for a separate medical section, as an express “health check‐in” at airports. In this area, you will be able to do a quick COVID exam before boarding a plane. This way, all passengers would feel secure in traveling and not endanger themselves or others.

It is true, however, that one subject that has incited some controversy is that different countries have separate entry rules. That can somehow lead to individual confusion.

That is why several organizations related to tourism and travel have also come together to find solutions that would ease the way international guidelines and regulations are implemented. The important thing here is that it’s a widespread necessity, which allows several agencies to collaborate for travel to become part of the norm again.

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New Ideas

IATA also has a new campaign to encourage travel called “The Travel Pass“. This Pass will allow you to have your health passport with the necessary data to enter other countries without any trouble.

They explain the following on their website:

“The main priority is to get people traveling again safely. In the immediate term that means establishing confidence in governments that systematic pre-departure COVID-19 testing can work as a replacement for quarantine requirements. And that will eventually develop into a vaccine program.”

Never before have so many organizations worked together to create solutions that allow you to travel again safely and securely. This is only good news because it demonstrates that sooner than we think there will be a solution.

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Booking in advance = Finding low prices

A good deal is always a good thing. If you would like to travel more and save more, this is a great time to do it. Why?

The answer is very simple, airlines have lowered their fares so that more people travel. The prices are so good that they’re worth paying even if you are not certain of the date. Best of all: many airlines still have lots of flexibility in their policies.

The important thing is to take a chance. Who knows how long you will be able to take advantage of these prices, which probably won’t continue past Easter.

Apart from cheap flights, if you also wish to save on your accommodations, TheTavelSecret is the right travel site for you. Besides getting weeks in 5-star resorts from only $200, you will also receive reward credits for all your travel reservations: airline tickets, sightseeing tours, car rentals, etc.

A resort with several swimming pools and green areas
A resort with several swimming pools and palm trees

Great news for international travel

Since the announcement about the vaccine’s effectiveness and the fact that it is already being distributed, many people have booked their trips. Additionally, as airlines, hotel chains, and a variety of other organizations continue to show excellent service and safety, people have become much more confident. 

A survey by Scott Cheap Flights revealed that 70% of travelers want to take their first international trip by the end of August, and 67% of travelers intend to take their first domestic trip by the end of May.

Moreover, according to CNN Travel, “There’s hope: Summer vacations abroad may happen in a big way this year“. More and more travel experts are stating that international travel in the summer will now be possible. Plus, there will be safer alternatives for the traveler.

All this is still good news for international travel. We can be positive to travel in 2021 and start booking our trips. Ensure you get better rates on travel after following our travel hacks.

Exciting News for International Travel

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