How to create a travel savings plan
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How to create a travel savings plan

I know how important it is to save for travel as well as to save while on your travels. Here are a few techniques and tips to make your travel savings plan. Additionally, I will tell you how to book everything related to your trip, with the lowest price you can find on the internet. 

How to create a travel savings plan

Define your travel destinations 

One of the most important factors to look forward to is to have a purpose or a goal to focus on. Start identifying the places you want to visit and the number of trips you want to make per year. 

How often should you travel? This is a question that is frequently asked. There are different types of travel to consider. Some trips are short, lasting only a few days. Others are long, lasting weeks or months. 

With the emergence of the digital age, jobs are becoming “home offices.” The trend of taking longer trips is accelerating as travel is increasingly convenient because you can travel, take your long vacation, and still devote a few days to work while vacationing. 

Start by writing down all those places you’ve always wanted to see both domestically and internationally. Planning domestic destinations is easier, and you don’t need to book so far in advance. International travel requires more planning, so if you are trying to save money, it is recommended that you book in advance. Not only to take advantage of the best prices but also to ensure that you have time to research everything related to where you are going.

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Determine your income, expenses, and savings percentage 

Set aside some time to examine your finances. Look at your income, your fixed expenses, and your variable expenses. Of these variable expenses, you can determine a fixed monthly percentage that you will use only for vacations. Try to save at least 10% of your wage. Of course, the higher the percentage, the better.

You must be consistent when you save and be firmly determined to save every month at least that percentage of your income. You can also make a joint account with your partner, trusted friends, or travel companions and determine the minimum amount to save each time for a particular trip. 


Analysis your expenses

After you have calculated your savings percentage, find new ways to earn more money (or having lower expenses).

Fixed expenses, such as rent, electricity, membership fees, etc., cannot be changed since they are fixed every month. Therefore, try to figure out how you are spending the money left after paying the fixed monthly expenses. 

Try to examine what’s essential, or what can be replaced or reduced to save money.  For example, if you eat out every day, consider eating out less often so that you can save that money for vacations. The fact is not that you stop indulging in luxuries that you like. The fact is that you can actually save more money as you lessen expenses that are not required, and finally give you the luxury to enjoy more things in your travel destination. Isn’t it more satisfying to enjoy a longer vacation? 

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Research your chosen destination 

The moment you reserve your accommodations, the trip begins. Even before you start, you are already experiencing this adventure. The anticipation of the trip is as fulfilling as the trip itself. 

Sometime before your trip, read blogs of travelers and find out travel tips and travel hacks to save valuable money in the city. Many blogs offer useful information, such as the best days and hours to visit tourist sites at the cheapest price or even for free.

To save more on your trip, it is important to plan and book in advance. More and more countries are opening their borders to tourists.  Don’t wait too long book your hotel, flight, activities, etc. in advance so that you can avoid price hikes due to high demand in the travel industry.

How to create a travel savings plan

While traveling, you can save

When you finally reach the dream destination you have waiting for, there are many opportunities to save extra money that can be used for shopping, luxury restaurants, excursions, etc.

  • Always choose accommodations that are located near the city center or easily accessible from the downtown area. This way you will have the ability to save on transportation. The closer you get to tourist attractions, the cheaper transportation will be. 
  • It will sometimes be necessary to take a cab, Uber, or public transportation to specific places. Therefore, consider sharing expenses. Try to looking for group passes or all-day passes, as they can often save you a lot of money. 
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  • More and more cities are adding new transportation options. Renting bikes or electric scooters, besides being economical, is a fun way to get to know a new city. 
  • When it comes to important places in the city, museums, memorials, etc., check their websites to see if there is a specific day or time where the entrance is cheaper or free. 
  • Another way to get free admission to tourist sites is to book your travels through websites that will give you points for your reservations. That way, you can even get entry to many tourist sites without having to pay extra.
  • Seek out restaurant recommendations in your area, and ask your hotel or locals for recommendations. Often the very best restaurants are not very touristy. Meanwhile, they still have fine dishes and good prices. 
  • If you enjoy staying at home vacation rentals, you can also use this as an advantage. For example, you could cook from home sometimes since cooking in another country is also a fun experience. It allows you to try new things and use local ingredients. Plus, cooking from time to time at your vacation home will allow you to save money while on vacation.
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You’ll save on your reservations if you use the right travel hack

You may have heard comparing prices on several sites is the easiest way to save money. But that isn’t true! 

Searching multiple websites is a waste of time since the prices of public websites are governed by a parity rule that means they must offer a specific price. 

The good news is that there is a travel hack that allows you to find prices up to 70% off. This works through a private travel site: TheTravelSecret.

On this travel website, you will find all sorts of accommodations – hotels, vacation homes, and weekly stays – at prices not found on other sites. You will be able to book your flight, your car rental, and all your activities in one place for guaranteed minimum prices. You won’t have to waste time comparing prices because everything is done in one place!

How to create a travel savings plan

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