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How to Plan a Trip: The Ultimate Guide

Planning the trip is part of the trip itself. Making a travel list, choosing flights, booking hotels, planning activities, and researching the destination are just some of the things to consider before organizing a trip. Today we share with you the ultimate guide on how to plan a trip so that everything goes smoothly.

To avoid anxiety, misunderstandings, and stress I recommend you plan your trip carefully and following the advice that I acquired after many years of traveling. 

So if you want to have a great trip and not make typical traveler’s mistakes, keep reading!

How to Plan a Trip: The Travel List

Although it may seem repetitive, making a travel list is a great ally to make our trips more organized. 

But there is a secret…

Several days or even weeks before your trip I recommend you to create in your cell phone notes a folder called “travel list”. Or if you prefer you can also do it in a mini notebook easy to carry-on.

In this travel list, you will start writing down what you need for your trip. And since you created it several days in advance, every time you remember something you need to pack, you will simply write it down.

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So by the time the packing day arrives, you will have your travel list updated and with everything you need.

One advantage is that on your next trip you will be able to open your notes again and see your travel list. This way you will only have to update it according to the destination or the season of the year in which you will travel.

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In times of COVID-19, it is important to take into account some items of precaution and personal hygiene before traveling. Here we show you a small but effective luggage list to travel in times of coronavirus.

Booking the Flights

This is a very controversial issue. The airlines handle their logarithms and therefore it will be normal to see the prices of the flights change a lot concerning the day of the search. 

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Although it is difficult to predict when and how to find the best flight deals, we recommend that whenever you want to do a search just to compare prices, you do it from an incognito window

Likewise, it is uncertain when to find the best prices for your flights since airlines change their prices according to the searches and the available seats.

Besides, when you book with TheTravelSecret you have the possibility of earning double or even triple points with your purchases. You will earn points from your credit card, points from the airline’s milage program and points in your personal account at this travel site.

In short, you will not only save time but also earn points that can lead to money savings in the future.

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Booking the activities

If you plan your trip in advance you can save not only money but also misunderstandings or mishaps by not having several tourist activities booked. Just imagine that you travel from far away to Paris but when you get to the Eiffel Tower the tickets are sold out.

Log in to your TheTravelSecret account and in the activities section, you will find tickets to amusement parks, city tours, sightseeing, dinner cruises, museum admissions, show tickets, day-trips, and much more.

You can be happy and stress-free knowing you have everything organized, that you don’t have to worry about getting to a place early to get tickets or the anguish of not actually finding them.

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Don’t waste time! Book everything on one single Travel Site

Searching for flights on different sites just to compare prices, can make your flight increase in price just by all the time searching.

Booking hotels on “other travel sites” will only end up costing you more than the best price you can find.  

And searching for activities on different websites will only make you lose more time.

On the contrary, when you book with TheTravelSecret you will be able to:

  • Compare on one page the different prices of the airlines.
  • Earn double and even triple points with your reservations.
  • Find exclusive prices for hotels 
  • A team that can help you plan or even book the trip for you.
  • A variety of activities you can book.
  • And many more…

Make a smart decision, save money and time by taking advantage of all the benefits of our travel site. Click here and we will explain how many people already plan their entire trips with TheTravelSecret.

How to plan a trip save money and time

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