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How to travel through airports during Covid-19

Traveling by plane is very safe, even in times of coronavirus. Thanks to the aircraft HEPA filters, 99.9% of viruses and germs are eliminated. Also, the air is always in circulation and it is renewed every 2 minutes approximately.

Many countries are starting to open their borders and more and more airports are flying to different destinations.

What you have to take into account is that the way you travel is changing and it is necessary to follow some protocols that will allow you to have successful trips and avoid the spread of any virus.

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Before arriving at the airport:

  • Packing the necessary items can make your trip much safer. Before traveling we recommend you follow our travel list during covid19 with very useful articles that will be helpful when traveling
  • It is important to check the information sent by the airline about the measures of each specific airport. Some airports do not allow passengers to enter the facilities and ask for health forms before traveling
  • Planning how to get to the airport is also important, whether you are taken by someone, by public transportation, or by hiring shuttle services
  • ​Checking in online and taking it with you in print or on your cell phone is most recommended
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At the Airport

  • Upon arrival at the airport, it is normal to have temperature checks
  • It is important to always use your mask, maintain a distance, and avoid touching many surfaces. Also, inside the airports, you will find several informative signs with the respective indications
  • Washing your hands every 2 hours is a great way to avoid infection, and many airports have disinfectant gel dispensers that you can also use at any time.
  • Some airlines have chosen to check all luggage to avoid contagion, otherwise, the airline staff will guide passengers on the best measures regarding the movement with the luggage.
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On the plane

  • The use of a mask is set by the airline
  • A good idea is to bring entertainment on your own electronic devices whether it is a series or a movie since some routes are not providing onboard entertainment.
  • ​It is also advisable to bring some snacks for the trip
  • ​Upon disembarking from the plane, the airline staff will explain the respective procedures to leave the plane. Normally this is done in order of seating to avoid crowding
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It may seem a little strange at first, but everything is a process of adaptation. There are new protocols, but they are not difficult to comply with, and on many occasions having more organization within the airport will allow a faster flight.Traveling is one of the activities that bring more happiness to people, and there are more and more destinations waiting for their tourists.

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