How to Travel With a Group: The Ultimate Guide
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How to Travel With a Group: The Ultimate Guide

When you are traveling with a group, traveling can be quite different from traveling alone, with your partner, or with your good friend. A group trip may require some extra planning, but this does not mean it has to be complicated. Today’s blog will provide you with tips on how to organize a group trip and all the details you’ll need to know for a more relaxing and fun journey.

These kinds of trips are valued because it is a time to laugh, joke, and share stories. You form a special bond with your traveling companions and learn valuable new things about them, whether they are close friends, family, or known.

Likewise, if there is inadequate planning and organization, misunderstandings may arise. Applying our tips will make it easier to organize that longed-for trip!

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These are 8 travel tips for groups 

1. Choosing a budget for the trip

Taking into account the budget aspect is imperative when traveling. Additionally, It is vital that you prepare a pre-determined maximum budget for your trip and stick to this amount. Having a clear idea from the beginning of how to distribute this money will make everything much easier.

There are two options for creating your budget for traveling: the first being that each person gives a certain amount of money and you choose a leader to pay all expenses, and the second being that the expenses are split between the group. 

The second option involves the use of applications such as Splitwise or WeTravel, which will be a great help. With these types of apps, you don’t have to do the travel accounts yourself, they do them for you. The app lets you add particular expenses to the total, such as food and gas, and then shows you how much you ought to pay and who you ought to pay it to. Alternatively, if you were the one who paid, you will be notified by the application from who should receive the money.

With our guide to creating a travel saving plan, you can get started saving for your trip.

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2. Selecting a date and booking a hotel

Picking the right date for a group trip is one of the most complicated parts of the trip planning process. Added to this, some people have complications when the date approaches.

The solution for avoiding this is to reserve your accommodation in advance so that everyone knows that the date has already been set and secured. Be sure to book on a public travel website, as you can find hotels with discounts as high as 70% and weekly stays as low as $200. Having a little extra money for other things will allow you to save much more money on the trip.

A woman booking a hotel reservation on the computer while having a cup of coffee.

3. Organize ideas in a shared Google Docs file

Create a google document for everyone to add their ideas. Here you can add interesting links to the place where you are going to travel and places you want to visit. It is then time to distribute the different tasks.

Name a leader or two who will be responsible for finding accommodations, another for booking activities, another for finding food, etc. This way it will be much more orderly and everyone will be able to contribute a little to the planning of the trip, which is as exciting as the trip itself.

Identify in advance the type of trip that you and the group wish to take, whether it’s a relaxing holiday, an adventure, a party, a food tour, etc. The trip can of course encompass several activities to suit all tastes however it is necessary to make sure that everyone is clear about their fellow travelers’ objectives.

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4. It is possible in times of Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus, planning group travel has been tricky for the past year, but it is getting easier if you follow general recommendations. The number of people being vaccinated is increasing, which means we are in a better position to travel, whether solo or with a group of friends, family, or travel group. If someone has not yet been vaccinated it is advisable to get a test before the trip and so everyone will feel safer. 

5. Taking a day off

Always keep in mind to include a day of rest every 3-4 days when planning your trip. On this day, the group will rest at the hotel, go to the beach, or just take a break. By doing so, you will be able to replenish your energy to carry on for the next days of your trip. 

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6. Enjoying a whole day by yourself

One of the keys to knowing how to travel in a group is to have your own space. Traveling with many people is great because there is always laughter, great conversation, and stories to tell. However, occasionally it is important to “rest” from the group a little bit and to have some space for oneself. Put a day aside to see those places you wanted to see but others did not, or to do some activity, not on your itinerary. 

By doing this you can get a much better appreciation of the trip as well as your travel mates. Additionally, when planning your trip, you will have no discussions with your group members; you know that if your proposed activity is not accepted, you can do it on your free day. 

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7. Planning is crucial

When planning a group trip, it’s normal to want to do many things and make the most of every minute. However, it is also vital that you take the trip calmly, quietly, and enjoy every moment. You need to plan but be flexible, and it is equally important to be open to the opinions of members of the team. 

8. Let someone help you save money and plan properly

If you’d rather leave all the searching and booking to travel experts, TheTravelSecret has got you covered. All you have to do is book a call and our experts will advise you according to your tastes and even book the trip for you. 

You can combine using a travel consultant with booking your own trip on the web. No matter what you decide, you can always find 4 or 5-star hotel accommodations starting at $50 a night, plus thousands of discounts on rental cars and activities. 

Whenever you travel alone, as a couple, or in a group, using The Travel Secret will get you the best price and save you the greatest amount of money. Learn more about the travel hacks we use to travel more for less when you register here for our free webinar.

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