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Planning a vacation can be as enjoyable as the vacation itself

The way we travel is changing. This does not mean that it is not possible, but that it is necessary to be more careful and to plan ahead and on reliable travel sites.

A Cornell University study showed that planning or anticipating a vacation can be as enjoyable as the vacation itself. Besides, anticipating an experience such as a vacation greatly increases a person’s happiness.

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Are you feeling quarantine fatigue?

Right now most of the world is going through a phase called quarantine fatigue, which is defined by Dr. Marques, as “exhaustion associated with the new restrictive lifestyle that’s been adopted to slow the spread of COVID-19”.

The idea of wanting to escape and travel is becoming more necessary than ever to avoid falling into other health conditions such as stress and depression, conditions that can be avoided by traveling, according to several studies.

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Restrictions are changing – Today is different than tomorrow

Many countries are starting to become more flexible. Although it is not clear when all the restrictions will be completely lifted, there is no doubt that it will happen, and the more time that passes, the greater the likelihood that a vaccine will be approved.

Just because a country has a restriction today, it does not mean that the same country will have the same restrictions in a few months.

In short, you can start booking your vacation now, as the restrictions of the countries are becoming less.

Cities such as Milan and New York, which were once epicenters of the virus, have now seen fewer cases than before. This shows that things are changing and the restrictions will change if we compare today’s information and the information in several months.

The good news is that most hotels and airlines have very flexible policies regarding changes and cancellations, which will make travel planning much easier than before. 

Some airlines allow you to book flights 12 months in advance without a cancellation penalty and most hotels offer a lot of flexibility in terms of changes.

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Benefits of booking today

It is important to always see the positive side of situations. The fact that the number of travelers is lower compared to the previous years is good news if you book in advance.

That is, if you are one of the first to book your future vacation, you will be privileged to visit places without many tourists. Just imagine those cities that used to be full of people like Rome, Bangkok, Paris or Istanbul.

If you are one of the first to book a trip in a few short months, you will be able to enjoy beautiful places with fewer tourists. This will make your travel experience much more enjoyable.
The key is to book flexibly and on a secure

The key is to book flexibly and on a secure travel site TheTravelSecret where you know you will have continuous support and guidance in case of changes.


The anticipation of a trip can increase a person’s happiness

From the moment people start planning a trip, a great feeling of happiness is generated. The simple reason: imagination

From the moment you plan a trip, it is normal to start imagining yourself in different situations such as on the beach with your partner, skiing with your family, or even eating gelato with your friends in Italy.

All these situations generate events in your mind that allow you to start living the experience even before the trip.

Planning a trip is also good for your mental health! It is normal to start researching and reading a lot about a destination. And when we put in our mind that information plus the feeling of excitement and wanting to experience new things, it makes our mind very interested in knowing how that longed-for trip will be.

These situations generate mental health and happiness according to National Geographic.

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We are ready to start planning!

Once again, the restrictions are being lifted more and more. Booking today to travel months from now is also a great idea so that you can start feeling the excitement of planning your trip and looking forward to it more than ever.

Get out of that quarantine fatigue and book your trips with incredible discounts on TheTravelSecret. And don’t worry because in case of changes or cancellations, our concierge team, specializing in travel, will help you with everything you need.

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