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Road Trip Essentials for your Next Journey

In the world situation, we are experiencing today, how we are traveling has changed a little, but not necessarily the act of traveling. Therefore, road trips are becoming progressively more frequent, since travel to places close to home is becoming more popular. We put these road trip essentials together so you can set out on your next journey prepared for success.

The destination of your trip

Even though some essentials are very common on a road trip, it is always necessary to adapt them according to where you are traveling. Be sure to discover beforehand what time of the year you will travel, how the weather at your destination is, and if you should expect a change in weather at night. When you are clear about everything associated with your travel destinations, you are prepared to pack the following travel essentials in your car and begin your adventure.

Documents of great importance

Even though it seems obvious, verifying your documents before your trip can prevent a lot of inconveniences. Aside from that, forgetting an important document can be very troublesome, and in worst cases, it could delay your trip, if you have to return home for that document.

Before you leave, I recommend you review the following documents:

  • Identification document from your country
  • Driver’s license
  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Passport 
  • Credit cards
  • Cash 
  • Car registration and insurance documents up to date
  • Save and write down all the contact numbers for insurance and roadside assistance in case of an emergency

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Safety and health

  • Especially during times of COVID-19, it is strongly recommended you keep a cleaning kit in the car
  • You may find wipes, disinfectants, and glass cleaner extremely useful on your trip
  • An easy-to-carry toiletries bag containing hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, and creams that need to be applied. Remember that since this is a road trip, the lighter you travel, the easier it will be
  • A few rolls of toilet paper
  • First aid kit
  • Copies of your car keys 
  • A roadside emergency kit


When it comes to packing clothes, you will need to consider your travel destination. The most important tip is to pack clothes that take little space and are easy to carry. If you are going to a very cold climate, thermal clothing is appropriate because you won’t need to pack extra clothing. For hot climates, pack cool clothes that are small and easy to wash. In any case, it is always important to pack a rain jacket that will be useful in various types of weather and if there are unexpected drops of rain.

Electronic devices

The gadgets we take on our trip are an essential part of the travel. Here you can find a list of some items you can’t be without on your trip.

  • A Power Bank or two is one of the most important items to take since they will allow you to charge all your other electronic devices even while you are on the road 
  • A charger that you can plug into the car
  • A camera
  • Hand freeholder: This item is very useful if you plan to utilize your cell phone mainly as a GPS device or music player. It is not an electronic device, but it makes it easier for you to adjust the phone to your needs

Entertainment during your trip

Going on a road trip isn’t just about stopping at the places you want and going at your own pace. On a trip like this, it’s about enjoying the entire journey inside the car, taking in the scenery, and making the journey more bearable. 

It can sometimes be quite unpleasant to sit for a long time, but if you are entertained enough you’ll not feel as if you are going from one place to another too long.

Make sure you have several playlists downloaded from Spotify, Apple Music, or another music app before the trip. Make playlists you can listen to for many hours, and don’t forget to make several playlists of different kinds of music so that your mode is suitable for the destination you are in. 

Another way to pass the time while in the car is to download audiobooks that you can listen to while you drive. This is a great way to find out about those books you have been wanting to read for so long.


A trip isn’t complete without enjoying some good snacks while listening to your favorite songs. Make a shopping list before going on your trip and buy items that aren’t perishable, like canned snacks, cereal bars, and other non-perishable items. Another item that we sometimes forget is chewing gum and throat lozenges when traveling. 

If you are going to a hot area, pack a cooler for things that need to be refrigerated or cold drinks in case you feel really warm.

Bring a reusable water bottle, a thermos bottle if you need hot drinks, and some reusable plates and cutlery for eating along the way or for sharing portions of food. Finally, bring garbage bags—they can help you keep the car clean so you can enjoy your journey.

Additional road trip essentials

It is great to have a sun visor to prevent hot seats when you aren’t in the car. In hotter destinations, also using sunshades that can be attached to the car windows can be helpful.

A compact pillow and blanket for the car can be useful essentials on road trips. Your trip will be more enjoyable if you bring an umbrella, a large picnic or beach blanket, a warm blanket in case it becomes cold inside the car, and some compact pillows. Not only during the trip itself but also at the different stops.

Travel is the best way to learn… Go explore those places nearby your home, because there is no better time than now for an adventure!

Staying at hotels during the road trip

If you’re traveling on the road, you must have suitable accommodation. Getting enough rest at night is critical to staying focused during the day for driving on the road, as well as making the trip more enjoyable.

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