Staycation: an enjoyable way to travel
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Staycation: an enjoyable way to travel

Despite having been around for years, the staycation trend has become popular again. Because of some restrictions, a staycation is a good way to escape troubles, feel travel bliss, and fight the quarantine.

More and more people are traveling again, many countries have already recently opened their borders to tourists, and thanks to vaccinations and rapid tests, travel has become safer. If you want to start with a small trip to get out of the routine, a staycation in a nice hotel will be a good option for you.

It is a great way to combine the desire to travel,  the need to rest, and at the same time the changing of environment. Travel can have a very positive impact on physical and mental health. Therefore, just getting away and staying for a few days in a hotel near the city can be incredibly beneficial.

A hotel pool at night

What is, in fact, a Staycation?

The meaning of this expression can vary, but basically, it refers to a short vacation in your city and areas nearby. It is a time when you find yourself doing leisure activities in places that are close to your home.

Whether with friends, with the family, or on your own, this type of travel allows you to get out of the routine, reduce stress and explore familiar sights differently. Just by staying in a hotel and changing up your surroundings, you will find your mood improving considerably.

A hotel with sunbeds and chairs for sunbathing

What to consider when planning a staycation

Putting yourself into the role of a traveler from the start is important. Even if it’s to a nearby place, think of yourself as someone traveling. 

Research the places you plan to visit, look for restaurant recommendations, watch videos about what to do in the city, and read blogs from local experts. Make the most of your time and engage in as many activities as possible. The feeling of booking your hotel and making plans for a trip is sure to give you a sense of cheer, energy, and excitement for when the final day comes.

Think about what you usually do when you travel. What are your favorite things, what tourist destinations do you enjoy visiting, and you might be surprised to discover places that you didn’t even realize could be this much fun. If you need some suggestions, you’ll find some fantastic ideas on TheTravelSecret. You will benefit from receiving the best price guarantee on activities.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, make sure to visit each place, learn everything that you can about its history, traditions, and cultures, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures to feel like a tourist in your area.

A man and a woman planning a staycation, while looking at a map.

An exciting new place to work

If your circumstances preclude you from taking a vacation at a specific time, don’t fret, you can combine your job and your vacation. The fact that nowadays many jobs have gone virtual will allow you to work from anywhere in the world.

When you plan a staycation, the central aim is not only to rest but to give yourself a change of scenery. Even if you have to work a certain amount of time, merely working from your hotel balcony, or just absorbing the magnificent view while working as an alternative, will improve your feeling.

You can arrange your work schedule so you can enjoy the hotel amenities during the days. This way your work will not be disrupted, and you’ll enjoy a small getaway close to home. Changing the environment in which you work, a different atmosphere, will not only improve your efficiency at work, it will also improve your mood and give you an adequate amount of energy to return home good as new.

A restaurant table in front of the swimming pool at a hotel

More ideas: National Parks nearby 

If you are still lacking inspiration and want something more adventurous, find a national park close to your home. Nature you will discover and the adventures you will have in it are endless.  

There are national parks available that can be visited at this time, and it is an ideal activity, whether it is done in a group or on one’s own. These are the ideal places to get away from technology and reconnect with nature.

national park

A Staycation can save you money  

Having to pay extravagant amounts for 5-star hotels is a thing of the past now thanks to TheTavelSecret. The website has a great variety of 4 and 5-star hotels all over the world with a discount of up to 70% off. Additionally, you can find week-long stays from as low as $200 per week thanks to our travel hack that allows us to find unbeatable prices for you.

There is nothing better than knowing that due to all these savings you receive through TheTravelSecret, you will have extra cash to treat yourself. Like for example going out to a nice restaurant, shopping, and even a spa day to unwind and feel like new when you get back home.

Staycation: an enjoyable way to travel

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