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How to Plan a Trip: The Ultimate Guide

Planning the trip is part of the trip itself. Making a travel list, choosing flights, booking hotels, planning activities, and researching the destination are just some of the things to consider before organizing a trip. Today we share with you the ultimate guide on how to plan a trip so that everything goes smoothly.

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How to travel through airports during Covid-19

Traveling by plane is very safe, even in times of coronavirus. Thanks to the aircraft HEPA filters, 99.9% of viruses and germs are eliminated. Also, the air is always in circulation and it is renewed every 2 minutes approximately.

Many countries are starting to open their borders and more and more airports are flying to different destinations.

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The Travel Secret Reviews

When something sounds amazing, it is normal to have “doubts”. It’s normal to think something might be too good to be true. The best answer for this is to listen to what actual member have to say about the service and platform.  


Because what better feedback can you get than listening to the experiences real members have had with the platform. We have gathered many different awesome reviews from our clients and here is where you can find them…

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The Travel Secret Membership

So you are here because you heard about TheTravelSecret…Now you want to see what the hype is all about.(You are in the RIGHT place)

The quick story behind this whole thing…

One of the founders goes on a trip to Puerto Vallarta in December 2017 and is pitched a timeshare at a hotel where he is staying at for $60,000. While he does like the hotel, he thinks this is a crazy price to pay, but is interested in a site they offer him for $10,000 where he can get access to discounts on Hotels, Car, Flights, Cruises, Activities and even Tours. He still thinks $10,000 is too much to pay and goes home empty handed.

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