The best beaches in the US
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The Best 15 Beaches In The U.S

We tend to think the U.S has mere big cities with skyscrapers. However, this country, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, offers much more to tourists. Apart from its stunning national parks, the country has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and fine white sand. Here you’ll find a list of the best beaches in the U.S so you can start packing your bags and planning your truly relaxing trip. 

Occasionally you don’t even need to wait until summer to visit the incredible beaches of the United States. Because of the way the climate differs from region to region in the country, any time of the year will be great for planning a getaway, to enjoy all-day sun, sand and sea breezes…

Here are the top 15 beaches in the U.S 

1. Clearwater Beach, Florida

We give this Florida beach the top spot on our list. Aside from being the location where the annual Jazz Festival takes place, this beach has been recognized by Tripadvisor as one of the “world’s best beaches.” 

Crystal clear water and white sand create the perfect setting for any kind of trip on this beautiful beach. There are lots of activities at this beach that you can do yachting or observing aquatic animals. Additionally, you can enjoy some great food in one of the restaurants located right on the shore of the beach. 

Best Beaches In The U.S Clearwater Beach, Florida

2. Maui, Hawaii 

On Maui, you’ll find the Red Sand Beach, which is known for the reddish color of its rocks and cliffs. It is beautiful to walk along this path and enjoy nature. On this island, however, you’ll find many other kinds of beaches to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking for more privacy at Napili Bay or one with a long sandy beach where you can walk for hours as Ka’anapali Beach. Besides its popularity, this beach is also symbolic of the fact that it became a refuge for the Mauli people.

 Red Sand Beach Hawaii

3. St. Pete Beach, Florida 

St. Petersburg Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches to visit any time of the year where you can experience both tranquility and entertainment. You can enjoy hours of activities, street art and bars with great themes, and the urban atmosphere.

4. La Jolla Cove, California

As its name suggests, this beach is not only a beautiful jewel but also one of the most visited places in California. Its fame has resulted in some people referring to it as a city or a town within San Diego. The surfers tend to love this beach because of its great waves, but in reality, anyone can take advantage of this beautiful beach with its convenience stores, restaurants, and many palm trees.

 La Jolla Cove California

5. Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

This famous “Venice of America” has a wonderful sight with a bunch of yachts and a great landscape. On the other hand, you will also find about 5 miles of well-kept beaches with clear and calm waters. Here you can take a bike ride along the wax that surrounds the coastline. 

A trip to this city is not complete without going shopping as well, since Fort Lauderdale is a perfect place to combine beach, fun, savings and shopping.

Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida

6. Malibu, California

This beautiful area, which is close to Los Angeles, is not only worth a visit for its location, but also its spectacular atmosphere. The area has a variety of beaches along the coast and is a great place to go surfing or just to observe the surfers ride the waves for hours on end. Due to the variety of luxury residences in the area, you can feel a sense of luxury and elegance, as well. 

You can get here by car from Los Angeles: just remember to follow our tips for a perfect road trip to make sure your journey is as memorable as possible.

Malibu, California

7. Palm Beach, Florida 

The white sands on this beach, which stretch over 37 miles make this the perfect place for an exclusive atmosphere. Aside from luxury accommodations, you will find fine restaurants, boutiques, and areas for fishing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Spectacular scenery combined with palm trees and a tranquil blue tone of the ocean will surprise you! 

8. Waipio Valley Beach, Hawaii

To enjoy incredible places, sometimes it is necessary to make a little effort. The beach at that location is probably the best example since you have to first cross some mountain trails to reach it. In other words, if you like beaches as well as nature, this place is right up your alley!

Waipio Valley Beach, Hawaii

9. Coronado, California

There is a place outside San Diego Bay where you can find one of the best beaches in the U.S, with incredible architecture. Additionally, The Coronado Hotel happens to be located there.

Swimming and snorkeling are both great at this place since it has calm waters. Aside from the beach’s perfect sunbathing spot, you also get fantastic views of the island’s amazing exterior.

Coronado, California

10. Baker Beach, California 

This beach is ideal if you want to enjoy the sweeping view of the Golden Bridge, while also enjoying a quiet moment. 

No matter the time of day, this is truly a must-see in the city. I recommend taking the time to watch the sunset and you will recall this memorable experience! 

Baker Beach, San Francisco California

11. Ditch Plains Beach (Montauk), New York

The best beaches in the U.S are not only found in Florida and California. Only a few hours from New York, you can get away from the buzz of the city and enjoy this picturesque beach.

Besides being able to admire the views of the cliffs, you will be able to view great surfers and the charming Montauk Point Lighthouse.

Ditch Plains Beach (Montauk), New York

12. Cannon Beach, Oregon 

This beach has a great photographic view despite the water temperature being very cold. You will enjoy seeing Haystack Rock, a 200-foot-high rock surrounded by marine life. Furthermore, if you like adventure, you can dive into the tide pools, made by waves crashing against the rocks.

13. Malaquite Beach, Texas 

This incredible beach is part of North Padre Island and it has fantastic white sand. It is a great place to visit with the family and you can enjoy water sports such as kayaking while admiring great nature and wildlife.

14. Nags Head Beach, North Carolina 

Among the many things, you can do here is walk along its more than 9-mile sand, swim in its calm waters, and enjoy unforgettable sunsets. The beach offers excellent opportunities for practicing some water sports, such as kayaking. Depending on the season you visit, you might also encounter dolphins in their natural habitat.

The best beaches in the US Nags Head Beach

15. Oak Street Beach, Illinois

Though Chicago is not well known for its beaches, it has an ideal beach to enjoy in the summer. With 360-degree views of the city skyline and trails to hike along, you can enjoy the beautiful city scenery. Also, you can enjoy delicious food and refreshing cocktails in the establishments near the beach. 

The Best Beaches In The U.S, Oak Street Beach

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The Best Beaches In The U.S

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