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The Travel Secret Membership

So you are here because you heard about TheTravelSecret…Now you want to see what the hype is all about.(You are in the RIGHT place)

The quick story behind this whole thing…

One of the founders goes on a trip to Puerto Vallarta in December 2017 and is pitched a timeshare at a hotel where he is staying at for $60,000. While he does like the hotel, he thinks this is a crazy price to pay, but is interested in a site they offer him for $10,000 where he can get access to discounts on Hotels, Car, Flights, Cruises, Activities and even Tours. He still thinks $10,000 is too much to pay and goes home empty handed.

Fast forward a couple of months, he and his partner now have access to the same system being offered by this big hotel chain and they decide to launch TheTravelSecret.

TheTravelSecret was founded under the premise that everyone should have access to amazing prices and benefits on travel, without having to sacrifice a huge amount of money. We believe that you should be able to recoup your investment in one or two trips and then enjoy the savings for many years to come.

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Why is the system so awesome to book hotels? 🏨

There is a certain rule called “Rate Parity”, which was established by the online travel agencies (OTA’s) and the hoteliers to avoid them undercutting each other on pricing. In simple terms, it sets a minimum price for a specific room per night that nobody, not even the hotel, can advertise cheaper to the public. The key here is “public”.


Because when you are behind a membership like ours, we are not advertising to the public, only to our members, so we can show you prices that are BELOW the rate parity line. Pretty sweet huh?

See this example here, the PUBLIC PRICE is the price the OTA’s show this room at, we then show you how much you save and how much you will actually pay:

Cheap hotel room in Paris

Here’s another example, where you can see how we display the prices from all the other sites who are selling this same room for the same dates, so that you don’t have to spend hours doing comparisons:

Hotel deal Marriot San Jose del cabo in Baja California

Now, this is not the only way we save you a ton on hotel stays. We also have access to Unused Timeshare Inventory that is given to us to sell to our members as “Weekly Stays”.

This is where the fun really happens… Because there are no blackout dates, limits or gimmicks. You see the week available, you click on it and it’s yours. Just check out these deals and remember that the prices are PER WEEK, not per night:

last minute hotel deal in resort vacation club in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

These are also available all over the World. Here’s an example in Phuket, Thailand. How would you like to spend a week there for $31 a night?

Discount hotel in Phucket, Thailand

🚢 What about cruises? 

If you were born to cruise the seven seas, we have something for you too. We have all the main cruise lines on our system and our cruise section has two different ways to save you money.

The first, is a cruise booking engine that gives you the best prices available right away and not only that, when you book a cruise, you get a rebate. Yep, either in cash or in points (we have those too). Which is basically our commissions going back to you. Why? Because you deserve a little extra “bonus”, that’s why. Check out this example:

Best curises deals with the travel secret membership

If you liked the first way to book cruises, this one is even better. We put so many people through to the cruise lines that we get special deals on some cruises. So what do we do with them? We package them with amazing add-ons that you get for free.

How about a FREE 7-night stay at a resort in Mexico? Or a year’s worth of our travel insurance for you and your family?

Best curises deals with the travel secret membership

🏠 All I do is stay at AirBnb’s… can you help with that?

Now this one will probably knock your shoes off. We just added 400,000 homes from HomeAway to the system. So now you have access to hotels, unused timeshares AND homes, right from within your membership (where else can you get all this in one place?).

You’re now able to book homes at a discount, earn points for your stay and even use points to book them. Are you getting your bags ready?

homeaway rentals with the travel secret membership

Flights, flights, flights… ✈️

Look, nobody can offer you discounts on flights. Yep, it’s the truth and it hurts us as much as it hurts you.Why? Because airlines price their seats however they want and they literally change prices by the minute depending on how many people are searching and how booked the flight is.

And, they also don’t give out any margins for us to play with, so there isn’t much we can do about pricing. What we CAN do, is help you find the best price ASAP and let you earn DOUBLE or even TRIPLE points on your reservation. You earn a point on TheTravelSecret, points on the credit card you use to pay and points on the airline’s milage program. Not bad!

We also give you access to Southwest Airlines, right from within our site, so no more clicking to go to the Southwest page to quote and book, you can do it all within our system.

You keep talking about points! 🤩

I’ll keep it short and sweet. On our site, you earn points for everything you book and you can use the points for anything on the site. 

A BIG thing is that now you have a “centralized” bucket where all of your points get put into and you can use points from a flight to book a home or points from a cruise to buy activities.

And there’s ways you can earn points on the system without spending a single dollar… but we’ll show you that when you get your access. Sounds good?

What if I find a better price somewhere else?

If for whatever reason you find a better price on a hotel or cruise, all you have to do is call the concierge and they will either MATCH or BEAT the price you found or, if they can’t, they’ll tell you to book it where you found it and they will STILL give you the points on our site.

It’s what we call our price guarantee. That way it is always a WIN-WIN for you. Isn’t it nice to finally have someone in travel on your side?

Ok, I get it… the system is pretty sweet. Does it do anything else?

Car rentals, tours, activities, airport transfers, travel insurance and more. All at a discount and all from within the system.

We also have an amazing concierge team ready to help you at any point, from finding, quoting and booking to making changes or helping you during your trip. The only thing we don’t do is sell luggage… 🧳

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Nice! Where do I sign up? How much does it cost?

To learn more about TheTravelSecret, how to sign up and how much it is to join, simply click HERE to watch our latest webinar!

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