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Travel for cheap: 9 tips to travel for less and even for free

It is scientifically proven that traveling brings more happiness than buying things. But many people think that traveling is too expensive. Today we are going to break this myth and teach you how to travel for cheap!

Besides the fact that traveling brings happiness, it brings huge health benefits. So if you want to look younger, improve your health, and reap many benefits in your body, don’t think twice about traveling, with a little money it is possible!

A woman looking at her computer and shocked because she can travel for cheap

1. Learn how to save money

As easy as it sounds, it can sometimes be difficult with the variety of expenses we have daily. But only a few changes can make a difference.

For example, what would happen if for 2 months you stopped buying that coffee at the store every day and decided to save this small amount of money? Or if you decide to cook a little more at home instead of food delivery? Or if you go out several times a week to eat out and now you only do it once?

These are small actions, but you will see how after a few months, that money you used to spend on small things you thought were necessary, will turn into big savings for your trip.

A person depositing coins in a piggy bank to travel for cheap

2.Find out which places in the city are free and do free walking tours

Every time you travel to a city you don’t have to book guided tours or activity tickets. If you want to travel on a budget, find out about free places to visit in the city. You will surely find a list of priceless places that can also surprise you with their originality.

Also just by searching on google “free walking tour + the name of the city” you will surely find free tours, in which you give at the end of the tour a voluntary tip.

Some museums have free entrance on some days of the month. Sometimes the museums have cheaper prices or free tickets at special times, like after 3 pm. 

Also in some cities, there is a “free museum day”. Go to the website of the museum you want to visit and check if there are suddenly special opening hours or free tickets, you will surely find something! 

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3. Compare different airlines

To search for flights try to use pages that compare different airlines. If you search directly on the airlines’ pages you will lose more time and it will be more difficult to compare.

Also, subscribe to the airlines’ mileage programs, so the more you book the more chances you have of getting free flights. Also look for all the possibilities of earning points – with your credit card, on the travel site, etc.

If you book on TheTravelSecret website you will also earn points with your flight reservations. These points can be used for your next bookings and you can even get activities, hotels and much more completely free.

The wing of an airplane while flying through the clouds

4. Central locations (save time and money)

You may find that staying in downtown locations can be a little more expensive than hotels on the outskirts. But if you think about it, being in the center you won’t have to spend much money on transportation, you will be able to use public transportation and you will save a lot of time. So always do a cost-benefit comparison.

If you still think hotels in the center are too expensive, on TheTravelSecret you can find hotels located in the center of the city with discounts of up to 50%. You will end up paying for a hotel in the center of the city, the same or less than you would pay for a hotel on the outskirts of the city.

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5. Ask the locals

Don’t feel embarrassed. Asking the locals is the best way to discover the best places and the best prices.

To eat: The locals know the best restaurants and most of the time they are much cheaper than the restaurants in the tourist places. Additionally, in local restaurants, you will find traditional dishes that can often be more delicious.

To visit: You can also ask the locals where to go if there are free places to visit, the best time to visit a specific place, or the best means of transportation to get to a place. 

Don’t be afraid! Many locals usually love to help tourists. 

Market in Thailand where several locals sell their products on their boats

6. Traveling in low season

Traveling in the low season will indeed help you find cheaper prices. In each country, the high and low season can change. Find out what specific date is the low season in your destination country and start comparing prices. 

But to be honest, traveling in the low season is not what satisfies us most. Usually, you want to travel when the kids are on vacation, on public holidays, on special dates, or in seasons where the weather is good.

So if you are one of those who prefer to travel in high season but paying off-season prices, the place to get the best deals is without a doubt TheTravelSecret, with one-week reservations starting at $220.

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7. Always prepare snacks to travel for cheap

Normally on trips, you walk more than you expect, and it is normal to be hungry much more often. Before starting your journey, go into a supermarket and buy some snacks: cereal bars, chips, chocolates, nuts, water, etc. 

This way you will save time because you will be able to make the best out of your day and you will not have to be buying small snacks in tourist places that are normally much more expensive.

Since you saved by buying snacks in supermarkets when you have enough time after your day of touring, you can go to your favorite restaurants and enjoy a proper meal.

A woman shopping at the supermarket

8. Hotels

On the internet, you will find a variety of websites offering hotel deals. But, did you know that all major travel sites are owned by 2 big conglomerations: Expedia and

Also, there is a rule called “the rate parity rule” that restricts the pricing that they show to the public. So if you search on different websites, it is simply a waste of time.

The best way to find the cheapest hotels is through TheTravelSecret. There, you will find 5-star hotels with up to 50% discount and you will also earn points with your reservations. It’s very easy, learn how to get cheap hotel rooms here.

A very cheap 5-star hotel

9. Using public transportation

In some countries, the cabs are very cheap. But in other countries, the price of a short trip by cab can be very expensive.

Before using a cab, always ask the approximate price to your final destination. And if the price is too high, you can ask the locals or look on the internet for the right routes to get to your destination by public transport such as bus, train, tram, metro, etc.

Google maps show you many times the routes of public transport. So download the application and dare to use public transport, you will also be more immersed in the local culture.

And if you are located in the city center, walking is a great idea to make your experience more enjoyable and to travel for cheap.

The famous yellow tram in Lisbon

Traveling cheaply is possible!

Start saving with few actions and you will see that in a short time you will be able to start booking that trip you have been waiting for.

Besides, if you want to make the most out of your trip, save time, get the best deals on hotels, earn points, and travel with little money, TheTravel Secret is the travel site for you…

What are you waiting for to travel for cheap?

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