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Travel With A Carry-on Like a Pro

We use our carry-on bag for almost every trip. Many times it’s more economical to travel with a carry-on suitcase, while other times it’s simply easier and more comfortable. Here, you will learn how to travel just with a carry-on suitcase, how to pack smartly, and what essentials to keep with you when traveling today.

Things to consider when traveling with a carry-on suitcase

Check your carry-on bag’s dimensions 

The requirements for carry-on bags differ according to the airline. Some allow a carry-on bag with one personal item, while others allow only one item that fits under the seat. Some airlines have specific measurements for the carry-on bag; keep an eye on this very closely. It is normal for airlines to list all the requirements on their website. Even though it doesn’t take much time, it can save you a lot of money. 

A yellow carry on on top of a red carry on

Avoid thinking “just in case” 

It is possible to travel with only one suitcase, but you must remember to pack only what is necessary. Things that put you in doubt, or which make you have to think “I’m packing this just in case”, aren’t usually unnecessary. If you end up needing something you forgot to pack, you can always find a solution or go shopping 😉 

Identify clothing that can be combined easily 

If you’re traveling in summer, choose clothes that are thin and not too heavy. While winter makes packing thin clothing more challenging, some clothes are highly technologically advanced that protect the cold while at the same time being incredibly compact. Compact jackets, for example, are good choices because they are lightweight, suitable for use in various climates, and can be stored in any spare space in your suitcase. It’s also a good idea to pack thermal undergarments that you can wear underneath thinner garments. 

Regardless of the type of trip you embark on, choose your clothes’ color to make different outfits. For example, a basic black or white shirt can always be paired with jeans, shorts, skirts, and any type of pants.

An outfit composed of a beige bag, jeans, a striped shirt, glasses and shoes.

Be sure you pack the right shoes  

If you are planning a trip, it is best to pack a comfortable pair of tennis shoes, one pair of flip-flops for the beach and showers, one pair of sandals for more elegant outings, and if you space have space left, one pair of boots. Also, the clothing you wear on the day you travel is crucial. Try to wear boots or tennis shoes that you will wear often during the trip and that would take up more weight in your suitcase. 

The best way to pack a carry-on

Use the roll-up method 

Start by laying out 3 or 4 T-shirts of the same color, completely open. After that, roll all the shirts together and finally tuck them inside of a packing cube. When you do this to several garments, you will notice that you will be able to fit approximately twelve shirts in a single packing cube, if not more.  You should separate the shirts according to colors so you always know what to wear on which day. 

A very well packed carry on suitcase with clothes in rolls.

Compress your clothes by packing them in packing cubes 

There are travel bags that work magic! These cubes allow you to pack clothing and have it compacted so that it takes up less space in the suitcase. 

Alternatively, you can pack extra packs in case you decide to buy more things at the destination and take them along with you in these bags.

packing cubes

Start by packing heavy pants

Roll up heavy clothing such as pants, shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, etc., and put them in the pack first. In this way, you can protect more of what goes in the middle conveniently.

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Pack your shoes in the best way   

Pack tennis shoes in the corners of the carry-on suitcase and put socks, swimsuits, or underwear inside them. This makes it possible to reduce the overall size of the suitcase. When selecting shoes, make sure they’re comfortable and ones you’re sure you’ll wear on your trip. Sometimes we select shoes just for the outfit, but keep in mind that on a trip you might be tired and are mainly looking for comfort. 

Put your toiletry items in a bag

You may already know that carry-on luggage allows you to only bring 3-oz containers. It’s enough until a month-long trip. Jars like these are very beneficial because they conserve space. Remember that a lot of hotel toiletries are supplied, so it is not necessary to bring much with you. 

It is usually best to pack your toiletries bag last in your suitcase since you will most likely have to show it at the airport. It is not necessary to take everything out of your suitcase and disorganize if you have this bag easily accessible. 

toiletry items in a bag

You can compress the air in bags if you have many clothes.

There are bags in which you can store your clothes, compressing the air and then packing them in your carry-on so they take up far less space. They can be useful, but in many cases packing cubes are sufficient. 

How to travel with a carry-on suitcase in times of coronavirus 

Carry a small bag with you when you travel 

Besides your carry-on suitcase, make sure that you always have a small bag that you will touch often and open at various times. You can store your cell phone, headphones, documents, and money in this bag. You will not have to open your carry-on bag several times if you protect it in this way. 

A woman with her carry-on bag at the airport and cell phone in hand

Keep the antibacterial in a visible place 

In our suitcase, this implementation is essential; it is not just for the prevention of the Coronavirus but also to avoid any disease itself. Keeping it safe and accessible is important: either in a pocket or taped to the zipper of the bag, so you can pull it out quickly whenever you need it. 

Also include disinfectant wipes

Even though most establishments in airports, hotels, parks, and other establishments are constantly being disinfected, it doesn’t hurt to have disinfectant wipes on hand. You can use these on any surface you do not feel comfortable or safe on. 

A few hands with a disinfectant wipe

Keep a garbage bag handy at all times (this is also environmentally friendly). 

It is very important to keep a plastic bag at hand to dispose of items you don’t need, whether it’s a mask, disinfectant wipes, or just food packages. Today many people throw these objects on the floor, and that impacts the environment. Just by taking small steps, we can not only protect our health but also the earth.

Keep spare masks on hand 

Some airlines and hotels provide masks. However, it’s always a good idea to carry several masks as some places require changing them constantly

Get even more savings on your travels 

There is no doubt that traveling with one suitcase is sometimes more economical than traveling with multiple suitcases, as several airlines offer lower rates when you travel with less luggage. 

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Travel With A Carry-on Like a Pro

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