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Why traveling is good for your health and life

Several studies show that travel brings enormous benefits in terms of improving your quality of life.

From enhancing your relationships to improving deep sleep habits. Here we highlight some of the reasons why travel can change your life.

Why traveling is good for your health and life?

• Stress

This can be one of the biggest advantages when traveling. When you get to your dream destination, you’re always busy discovering wonderful places or enjoying time off. Thus you don’t even have time to think about the day-to-day worries.

Dr. Mehmet Oz in a consultancy made by Forbes Travel Guide, indicated that taking a vacation and traveling, improves mood, and reduces stress.
From a long weekend getaway to a few weeks of vacation.

Just the fact of traveling and stopping the pace of work will make you forget about sadness, anguish, and stress, and to focus on the present.

Preparing beforehand and ensure that your home will be safe while you are gone, will also help to reduce stress during the trip. When you’re excited about traveling for vacation, it’s easy to forget about what you’re leaving behind. That is, until you get to the airport and wonder: Did I lock the door? Is the iron on? Is the garage door open?

Here’s a resourceful guide with home security tips for when you’re on vacation, to ensure peace of mind.

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• Relationships

Would you like to know the secret of happy marriages?

study conducted in Arizona showed that women who travel have greater satisfaction in their marriage and are less likely to suffer from depression and stress.

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Travel not only benefits marriages, but relationships in general. Whether it’s love relationships, family, or friends, travel allows you to develop better levels of communication with the people around you.

Also, you will be able to meet many people from all around the world who could become lifelong friends.

Family relationships are also greatly enhanced by travel, especially with children. Children have a very high learning capacity, therefore, everything they learn in their childhood will form a large part of their future.

In this sense, travel will allow children to develop from an early age many important skills concerning the way they view life.

children enjoying the pool and the sea

• Team Work

Creativity is highly maximized when traveling because you are always involved in unexpected situations, which will make you always have to look for new solutions.

Working as a team is another great advantage. Just imagine that when traveling in a group everything must be decided as a team: one person looks for restaurant options, another person is in charge of finding the location, and another person asks for important information at the train station.

Traveling allows you to develop what it is like to work together either with your friends, with your partner, or with your family group.

friends laughing while enjoying a trip through the mountains
friends laughing while enjoying a trip through the mountains

• Life perspectives

I know, you’ve read it a lot – “travel changes your outlook on life”. But it’s just too true.

When you travel you realize that millions of people live, eat, and think differently. But there’s nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, when you get out of your comfort zone and realize that the world is so big and that there are so many cultures and traditions in the world, your way of seeing things will change completely.

• Habits

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But travel could generate new habits in your life that you didn’t even know how important they were or how happy they made you.

For example, many people after long walks have discovered how much they enjoy walking and continued with healthy habits.

And if you have problems with insomnia, explained a study which proved that the quality of sleep improves significantly after a vacation.

There are many habits that you could change according to your tastes and personality. I know people who have even quit smoking while traveling. Dare to take the plunge and your habits may improve.

friends doing sport
friends doing sport

• Health

Your heart will thank you. According to one study, travel lowers the risk of heart attack by 21%, especially in older people.  Your body needs to rest to avoid falling into a continuous state of burnout that can lead, in many cases, to long-term illnesses.  

Besides, if you want an active brain no matter how old you are, travel is the best antidote. Just by having to adapt to new sounds, languages, and cultural traditions, your brain will be stimulated.

traveling is good for your hearth

• Self-confidence

When you are in a new and unknown place, it is normal to feel fear. Fear of what may happen and uncertainty when you don’t know how to act.

But, once you overcome this fear and begin to dare to talk to strangers and develop your capacity for wonder, your self-confidence will increase considerably.

The simple fact of feeling that you survived in a country with a completely different language and culture will improve your self-esteem.

• Happiness

Traveling generates more happiness than buying things. This is fully proven by the psychologist Thomas Gilovich, who is dedicated to the study of happiness. 

When you travel you generate memories and experiences in your brain that remain in your mind for a long time. But when you buy material things you generate only short term happiness… it makes a lot of sense, don’t you think?

a happy woman jumping on the beach

If you want to be healthier with a better quality of life, don’t hesitate to plan your vacation!

It happened to me too. When I started traveling, my lifestyle changed. I started to be happier, to see the world from a different perspective, to make better decisions. I lost the fear of many things, my self-esteem improved incredibly, I developed better communication skills and improved my habits.

Traveling fills you with wisdom. Not only because you get to know different places but also because you meet different people. Opening your mind to so many experiences makes you simply a great storyteller.

sunset while traveling

Many people don’t make this smart decision because they think travel is too expensive.

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