Will it be safe to travel in 2021?
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Will it be safe to travel in 2021?

Distribution of the vaccine has already started, so international travel will eventually be possible. It is certain travel management will be a little bit different after covid-19, just as it happened after 9/11. We have already accepted these changes and have become used to new behavioral habits, such as using masks and disinfectants frequently. If you read on, you’ll find out if it’s safe traveling in 2021.

A couple at the airport in the waiting room preparing their trip for 2021

New Trends

The year 2020 was a revolutionary year for travel as well as other sectors in the world. The fact that a large part of the jobs became virtual has enabled many companies to realize the benefits of working from home. For this reason, many people are starting to design longer trips since there is now more ability to work anywhere in the world remotely.

Just imagine it, a month-long trip where you can work from your bedroom balcony while gazing at the sea. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And at the same time, you will be able to discover new places that you might not have thought of before and spend more time with your family and friends.

In the pool of a hotel there is a man swimming in the pool and a woman reading while she has a view of the sea

On the other hand, people have been booking more customized excursions. Tours, airport pick-ups, private drivers, guided activities, etc. And what is better than being able to book your hotel, flights, activities, and excursions all on one website at the best price?

Countries are making preparations to receive tourists and are creating many new strategies to make the process of getting tourist tickets much easier and with less contact. Have you ever felt frustrated due to wasting hours and hours waiting in line to visit a tourist site? This will now be a thing of the past. 

Many locations are already giving you the option to buy your tickets online and even with hours of entry. This is only good news for tourists. You will not have to waste time waiting in long lines, you will be able to make the most of the time, and you will avoid a lot of unnecessary contacts.

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One of the greatest advantages is the elimination of changing fees or cancellations in a lot of bookings. If you used to be constricted by having to pay a large amount of money for a sudden change, this is changing. Most airlines and hotel chains are continuing to be very flexible to increase confidence in travelers.

Travel wish list for 2021

This new year has many positive travel expectations because there is a vaccine available with more than 90% effectiveness that is being distributed. So you can welcome the new year with plans for an exciting new adventure to look forward to.

Here you can download your travel wish list to complete it and start dreaming about those places that are on your bucket list. It is incredibly important to be able to visualize what you want to achieve. Also, traveling makes people happier than purchasing things. It’s been long enough being homebound, it’s time to go out and travel the world!

Travel wish list for 2021

Where can I travel?

The answer to this question is very relative because each country and state has its own rules and guidelines. However, many countries are becoming increasingly flexible as they depend more on tourism.

Around the Americas, you will find more and more travel options. Don’t forget, look over the rules of each country online before travel. Some nations request the PCR tests which can often be done in several places, while some countries request you to install some tracks apps and other places such as Mexico are more easygoing and have no requirements if you arrive by air.

Will it be safe to travel in 2021?

Travel US News reports that currently, 50 countries allow entry to US citizens. Each location has its restrictions. However, after so much time away from travel, the craving for interaction and being in different surroundings becomes necessary to health. Therefore, if you follow the necessary steps it makes perfect sense to begin planning your next vacation.

Some experts recommend starting to plan international trips for the summer and fall and travel locally in the first half of the year. Planning a trip has been shown to have many benefits. It has also been shown to be just as fun as the trip itself.

Will it be safe to travel in 2021?

What will change to travel safely in 2021?

Several changes in the travel industry turned out to be beneficial for travelers. 

The tourism industry has had almost a year to prepare. Hotels, airlines, restaurants, and other tourism-related agencies and people are eager and prepared to receive tourists. Also, all these entities adhere to all of the necessary healthy procedures.

Will it be safe to travel in 2021?

Recently, the airlines are working to follow the new security protocols. Airports will be more controlled. Fliers will maintain a greater distance from one another, and some security checks will be digitized. 


  • More space in airports 
  • Services that do not require physical contact
  • A fresher and cleaner air that eliminates the bacterial
  • When leaving the plane, organization is more efficient. (Previously, it was stressful to rush off the plane)
  • Cleaner planes and hotels with quicker disinfection

Some countries are also using the option of testing directly in the airport in case the person has not been vaccinated yet. Using a mask and hand sanitizer will last longer, also because it doesn’t just protect you from the virus, but from many diseases as well. And for this reason travel in 2021 will be safer.

More and more hotels are finding ways to do everything digitally and run their cleaning process more frequently. Imagine being able to find your hotel 70% cheaper than public travel sites and having the same luxury benefits. On the other hand, if you instead prefer to book an apartment for your vacation, you can earn extra points if you book through TheTravelSecret.

A hotel room with a large bed and a balcony

Plan your next vacation!

The vaccine is already being distributed, countries are opening their borders, the travel business is better prepared than ever, and countries want to welcome more tourists. 

Although the year 2020 brought many changes, it is always constructive to see the positive side. As for the travel industry, many positive factors contribute to traveler comfort, making travel in 2021 safer.

Whether you are planning to book a 5-star hotel or a vacation rental. A first-class seat or low-cost airline flight. A tour or entrance ticket. An airport pickup or your private chauffeur. Everything you can book at TheTravelSecret: one travel website which offers you both low prices as well as excellent customer service.

Will it be safe to travel in 2021

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